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Ultimate CBD Hamper – 1675mg


The perfect CBD gift for someone special in your life.

CBD – Tea, Chocolate, Oil and a Bath Bomb



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Our Body and Mind Botanicals Ultimate CBD Hamper is the best way to give a loved one the power of CBD. They can drink our great taste award winning tea, indulge in chocolate, take our oil or soak in the bath.


Powered by plants. As designed by nature.


It includes:

  • 1 x 71% Dark Chocolate Bar with 50mg of CBD (vegan)
  • 1 x 71% Mint Dark Chocolate Bar with 50mg of CBD (vegan)
  • 1 x 56% Orange Chocolate Bar with 50mg of CBD (vegan)
  • 1 x Pouch of 10 teabags Original Cannabis each with up to 40mg of CBD (400mg per pouch)
  • 1 x Pouch of 10 teabags Peppermint Cannabis Teabags each with up to 40mg of CBD (400mg per pouch)
  • 1 x Pouch of Original Loose each portion with up to 40mg of CBD (400mg per pouch)
  • 1 x Cold Pressed Cannabis Oil with 300mg CBD
  • 1 x Bath Bomb with 25mg CBD

That’s a total of 1675mg of CBD which is enough to last 2 months on average.


Cannabis Tea: Our pouches of delicious cannabis tea are the most effective way to consume CBD, each teabags or loose portion can deliver up to 40mgs of CBD which is the quickest way your body can utilise this wonderful compound. Our pouches have 10 teabags and each can be re-brewed up to 3 times. Our tea is certified organic, is vegan and also has no caffeine.  Our tea can be used to make a Cannabis Coffee or used as an ice tea and mixed with cordials. More detail of our amazing teas are available here: 

Cannabis Chocolate: The most luxurious way to take CBD, each full bar contains 50mgs of CBD which is enough for about 10 days on average.  Simply break off a small piece allow the chocolate to dissolve to allow the body to absorb the CBD whilst you enjoy a delicious chocolate.  All the goodness of a tincture/oil with no bitter flavour. Our chocolate bar is organic and vegan too!! More details for our chocolate’s are available here:

Cold Pressed Cannabis Oil: Here at Body and Mind Botanicals we have perfected the cold press extraction method which allows us to extract all the cannabinoids from the plant whilst maintaining its raw and natural properties. This is one of the traditional extraction methods and is the only way to ensure that the product never touches any solvents or chemicals. By keeping the product as close to nature as possible, it is very high in CBDa (the raw version of CBD) which is believed to interact with the body even better than CBD. All of the cannabis used in our oil is carefully cultivated in certified organic farms. More details for our oils are available here:

Bath Bomb: Our Bath Bombs contain 25mgs of CBD and are a Lavender Heaven, ready to make you unwind and relax giving aching muscles relief and preparing the mind for rest. Relax Bath bombs are a fizzy mix of salts, clays and oils with Lavender to heal, soothe and relax skin, muscles and mind. More details for our bath bombs are available here:


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