How CBD helps mental health

The importance of your mental health and how you can improve it

Over the past few months we have all completely changed the way we live and work. We have learned to live with the daily struggles that comes with working at home and being confined in our homes. However, something amazing has come out of this. We stopped our daily lives for a moment. We paused the stress, if only for a moment. There was a bit more extra time in the day, a few extra moments that we wouldn’t have had if we had to travel to work for example. This has given us a second to realise how many stress factors we face every day and how a stressful environment can affect our mental well being.

Most of us have to come to the realization during these last tough few months that we have been taking our mental health for granted and have lost the connection between our body and mind. All those times where we have been over stressed, over worked and mentally drained without the time to off load these feelings and do something that benefits our mental health.

We here at Body & Mind Botanicals cannot stress enough the importance of putting your mental health first, after all the harm we do to our mind will eventually impact our bodies. It´s possible that you may be feeling stressed out right now over the fact that you have been stressing out. Take a second to think about what you usually do to relieve stress and enjoy this beautiful photo of a sunset while you think about it.

cannabis tea improves mental health

We want you to figure out a time in your day where you can enjoy the simple moments and destress either by exercising, drinking a tea, talking to friends or family, indulging in your favorite chocolate or sweet etc. Natural remedies are the best thing you can give your body when it is giving you all the signals of stress and anxiety.

Here are our top 3 remedies!

Therapeutic tea

One of our top recommendations when it comes to naturally treating stress is to find a tea that relaxes you and has a calming effect. Calming teas like our organic tea how be proven to help with stress, anxiety pain, improve sleep and mood. You can get all these effects all whilst enjoying a delicious cup of tea. By having a cup of this tea before bed you will creating a relaxing process and almost like a meditative state that will lead you into a sleep in which your body and mind can fully rest and recover. Digestion also improves and is an positive affect that comes hand in hand with drinking this tea.therapeutic teas improve mental healthLavender

This is an all time favorite for those struggling to sleep and relax their mind and body. Just the slightest sniff and you´ll be relaxing within seconds. And what better way to enjoy the effects of this natural remedy than a bath bomb. We have created a lavender bath bomb with very special ingredients to help you get all the benefits from this natural plant. Our essential oils infused bath bombs have been specially handcrafted to detoxify, nourish and boost yout immunity by giving your skin the vitamins and antioxidants your body and mind craves.


Yes, that’s right, we believe in the curing abilities of chocolate! Chocolate triggers the brain´ serotonin levels, which in turn is what makes our mood improve. Support your everyday holistic health and indulge with infused Orange Dark or infused mint Chocolate treat to help you get through a stressful day. This chocolate doesn’t only assist the brain in secreting serotonin but also helps manage pain and helps decrease physiological effects of anxiety.

We think that it’s time to give back to your body and mind so we have created a variety of products to give yourself that extra treat we all know you deserve. Give these a go and let us know what you think about these remedies!