Body and Mind Botanicals Cannabis Tea


Here at Body and Mind Botanicals we produce the best and most effective full spectrum Cannabis tea in the UK. Our CBD tea is vegan, gluten free and non-GMO, we believe that the best results come from natural ingredients. We offer an assortment of CBD tea from loose leaf to bagged tea in 100% biodegradable bags. We have also created a peppermint version of our tea that not only provides the benefits of our normal CBD tea but also helps your digestive systems & helps calm hay fever symptoms. 


By consuming a cup of Body and Mind Botanicals Cannabis Tea, it has been shown that it can help people to relax and unwind in the evening, it has also been shown to be a fantastic way to start a day correctly. Our Cannabis Tea is designed to be taken in place of any usual CBD dose you make take in any form.


Our CBD tea has a beautiful light flavour, setting it apart from some of the more bitter, woody tasting teas that have become available on the market. All while retaining the full-spectrum benefits that come from consuming cannabis.

What is in CBD Tea?

For our Cannabis tea, we use the best selection of buds and leaves to ensure that our tea tastes delicious and provides strong CBD effects. We are able to do this through our specific choice of cannabis strain, which is high in CBD and contains below the legal maximum limit of THC allowed in the UK (0.2%).


The cannabis plants that we pick and choose to use for our CBD tea are carefully cultivated in the beautiful Baltic region by fully EU regulated, family based farmers.


Each cup of our cannabis tea contains between 25-40mg of CBDa, the raw form of CBD. This form is able to be more efficiently used by the human body, allowing you to feel the full effects of using CBD faster.

Great Taste CBD Tea

How to Make CBD Tea?

The beautiful aromatic natural flavourings can be enjoyed and brought to life from our CBD tea in boiling water. To make a cup using loose leaf tea, simply brew 1 pinch spoon of tea or place one of our prefilled CBD teabags into a medium size mug along with boiled water for  7 – 10 minutes or anywhere up to 20 minutes before drinking. Brewing for this length of time will allow the consumer to get the most CBD out of their cannabis tea.


We recommend that you leave the leaves in for the duration of the drink, to again allow you to get the most out of the CBD that is contained in our full spectrum cannabis tea. Many of our customers prefer to use a tea strainer and some like to mix with flavoured green tea or even a preferred fruit tea to enhance to personal taste and customers often brew the same tea more than once.

Where to find CBD Tea?

You can now find Body and Mind Botanicals CBD and cannabis products in over 650 stores across the UK, including 96 Grape Tree locations, Partridges of London and Daylesford Organics.  Our distribution network started small with local delis and health food shops but has been expanding quickly as more and more people feel the benefits and effects of our brilliant cannabis products. 


Our mission now is to spread the message of the usefulness of our CBD products even further in the UK, introduce new CBD product lines and continue innovating exciting cannabis products that have never been done before.


Where to find CBD Tea