Celebrate Mental Health Day with us!

Celebrate Mental Health Day with us!

2020 has been one, big stressful year with the ups and downs, not to mention a worldwide pandemic. We wanted to share with some vital information that is important for mental health.

Mental health has become a trending topic due to the circumstances of this year. We are focusing more on our mental health and its importance in our lives. Everyday more and more people begin their process of understanding the importance of mental health and putting their mental health first. It´s a journey that starts with you, but it doesn’t just impact you, your journey affects everyone around you. As you grow, others around you may be inspired and in turn start to understand the importance of mental health and how they can introduce self-care and other mental health practices to improve their everyday lives.

On a daily basis we all suffer some levels of stress, however, some may be more affected their others, even to the extent of having stress as a symptom of depression or anxiety. Finding ways to recognize this stress and approach it with the best solution can also be a stress in itself! In celebration World Mental Health day, the 10th of October, we would love to share some tips on how you can boost your own mental health and even give some advice to your loved one around you.


1.Write down 3 things you are grateful for and 3 things you accomplished during the day

The simple fact of writing things down that you are grateful can help you relax and also reflect on what positive things you have in your life. Doing this on a daily basis can increase your overall levels of gratitude and help reduce stress.

2. Start your day with a cup of coffee or tea

Coffee and tea consumption are known for being linked to lower rates of depression and even with having this as part of your daily routine can help keep things in check and also help you start your day off right.

Specific teas help more than others! Cannabis / CBD teas have been shown for being beneficial for relieving stress, anxiety, pain and improving sleep and mood.

3. Treat yourself to something you enjoy!

We recommend treating yourself to some dark chocolate to boost brainpower and decrease stress. The theobromine, caffeine and other components of the chocolate help improve mental skills, alertness, and also trigger the secretion of the happiness neurotransmitter- serotonin!

4. Spend time with close friends and family

Sharing how you feel with close friends and family help alleviate stress and also in turn help you understand more about the stress you might be suffering.

5. Value yourself

Acknowledging and understanding your self-worth is something that some underestimate or undervalue when it comes to mental health, but in fact it´s one of the best things for an individual´s mental health. Make sure to spend time doing things that you love as well as growing and valuing the person you are.

6. Learn methods that help you relieve stress

Everyone has their own methods of managing their stress, but what´s important is understanding your own. May that be indulging in a massage, treating yourself to a delicious tea or chocolate, going for a run etc.

7. Exercise the stress away!

Exercising has hundreds of positive impacts on the body and on the mind! Although during a workout it can feel tough, the body creates endorphins that trigger a positive feeling on the body and the mind.

We care about your mental health and so should you! We hope this tips and tricks help you throughout your own mental health journey. Visit the Online Shop section of our website to find our award winning range of CBD products, such as CBD Oil that has been cold pressed to preserve all of its nutrients, our CBD infused chocolates and of course, the great taste awarded Cannabis / CBD Tea!