Body and Mind Botanicals Goes to Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival Logo

Body and Mind Botanicals are thrilled to announce that our cannabis tea will be available at the Tiny Tea Tent at this year’s Glastonbury Festival from June 26th-30th. This marks the first time any cannabis product has been sold legally at Glastonbury and we’re so proud that it’s our individual biodegradable teabags.

Tiny Tea Tent at Glastonbury

The Tiny Tea Tent in all its glory


Our tea will not get you high or stoned but has been shown to help people relax and unwind, making it perfect for the end of a busy day of live music. Unfortunately, none of our team are attending the festival, but we can’t wait to catch-up with the highlights on TV when the music starts.

The biodegradable teabags will be sold in reusable branded mugs, meaning there will be absolutely no waste, in line with the festival’s ‘Love Worthy Farm – Leave No Trace’ campaign to make the event more environmentally friendly.

Man holding mug

Our specially designed reusable mugs


You might remember from last week that we appeared in The Guardian’s Green and Ethical Checklist, and we’re really happy to be associated with environmentally conscious brands and events.

The Tiny Tea Tent has been on the festival scene for over ten years and is completely solar powered, with its water heated on a log stove and only finished off with a gas oven. The tent is located opposite the Greenpeace area and a cup of our tea costs £2.50.

We’re also in OK Magazine this week! Catch us on page 28 of ‘Celebrity Secrets’ and learn how the company began and why we’re so dedicated to educating people on the benefits of cannabis and CBD.

We’ve also seen loads of you sharing how much you love our tea on Instagram lately. Tag us in your posts and stories @BMBotanicals.

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