The difference between our tea and the rest…

Body and Mind Botanicals CBD Tea Product


Cannabis Tea is a very old product, it has been used since ancient times for its wealth of benefits. Some call Cannabis Tea, Hemp Tea.  But not all Cannabis is created equal, there are many different strains or varieties of the Cannabis plant, some are good for making paper, some are good for making CBD oil, some are good for getting you high and some are really good for making tea.

We are the only ones to be using the really good Cannabis tea strain because others are using cheaper alternatives. Our Cannabis Tea is naturally high in CBD and very low in THC. It has a potent mix buds and leaves which are essential for providing high levels of CBD in your tea.

Other companies sell Hemp tea which can be bought in much larger quantities but do not contain any buds or trichomes, which render the tea very low in CBD. This means it cannot deliver any CBD benefits.

Body and Mind Botanical’s Cannabis Tea is available online in resealable pouches of Loose Leaf and Individual Teabags, both have enough for at least 10 cups of tea but as the tea can be re-brewed most people can make 20 cups from one pouch.

Our tea has been reported by our customers to help with sleep issues, stress, anxiety, depression and pain relief.

It is stocked in stores from Northampton to Brighton and in between.

It is also available direct from our website www.bmbotanicals.co.uk

If you have any questions please call, email or message us.

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